Aluminum, Copper, Silver, and Metal seamless Table Toppers

No one beats our prices on our Superior Quality Heavy Gauge Swirled Table Banquet Toppers- GUARANTEED

Combine our fitted spandex covers with our exclusive, artisan crafted, swirled aluminum table toppers. We spent countless hours prefecting our designs to provide the best seamless and stable topper on the market right here in the USA. Using heavy gauge aluminum for heat and stain resistance, our toppers fit beautifully on your existing tables to give a whole new elegant 3D effect to all of your events. Combine our new colors of toppers with our spandex and the combinations are endless. This investment will pay for itself easily in time and money saved from laundering linens after each event. They're lightweight and store easily for repeated use and will delight your guests for years to come. Please call us at 1-800-560-5755 so we may serve you better.

We use quality heavy .080 - .125 gauge aluminum. Our product is SEAMLESS on the top and lips of the topper. Seamless rounds on the top and on the sides all the toppers in all sizes! We are the only company to offer this level of quality. No hidden shipping costs! We ship nationwide!

  • Heavier gauge aluminum. .080, .090 and 1.25
  • Lightweight and the set up is quick and easy
  • All aluminum toppers include FREE spandex linens
  • Made in the USA
  • Stain & Heat Resistant.
  • Seamless on all the tops of the table toppers
  • Updates existing older tables
  • Saves wear & tear on linens
  • custom sizes available
  • beautiful artisan crafted swirled pattern
  • largest selection of aluminum colors
  • green friendly

We carry the following sizes:

  • 4ft, 6ft, & 8ft buffet tables
  • 30” rounds
  • 36” rounds
  • 42" rounds
  • 60” rounds
  • 8' x 42"
  • Serpentines
  • Half moons
  • Risers
  • Trash can toppers too!

Get Creative!

Flip your swirled table top over to use as a reversible aluminum ice table - use for salad buffets and sushi bars!

Take your tables from drab to fab!

Use your existing cocktail and rectangular tables and slip on one of our spandex linens and pop on one of our seamless aluminum tops. Save thousands on laundering!

Our spandex and aluminum tops are made in the USA. Our spandex linen has durable reinforced 4” pockets for years of use! The toppers are seamless, heavy gauge aluminum.

FREE spandex linen with every purchase of an aluminum top!
28 colors to choose from!

Removeable Swirled Aluminum 8ft x 30" x 42" Cocktail Bar in minutes!

Add your brand!

We can add your logo to any size of spandex!

Aluminum Toppers now in the following colors:

denotes glitter embedded into the color

Now in 65 beautiful colors! Great for team and university colors!

These are custom colors -minimum order required - please call for details

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